4wd Park and Camping Rates

4WD Park

Day Pass$40
Overnight *$60
Additional day & night *+ $30

Camping Only

Overnight *$20
Additional day & night *+ $20

* Includes 1 campsite for 2 people (tent, caravan, or motorhome), 1 vehicle per site.

$10 per additional person 15 and over, $5 per additional child, 5 and under are FREE.

Extra days and nights must be taken consecutively.

Contact us if you want to arrange corporate or club events.

What's on offer

  • Over 900 acres of camping, 4wding and other activities
  • Tracks range from easy off-road right up to "winches and lockers required"
  • Driver training available; however you must contact us for availability.
  • Pets allowed! We only require that you keep them under control and clean up their mess.
  • Bring your hiking shoes and mountain bikes to go on your own adventure.
  • Toilet and shower facilities available.
  • Special level areas for motorhomes (check availability)
  • 10 minutes to town and only 30 - 55mins to Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • Bottled water and snacks available from the office
  • Mobile reception available for your emails or work.

What's nearby

Park Rules and Conditions

We want you to have a great stay in a clean and natural environment. Our park is special because of its location and remoteness and as such we don't have the luxury of power and town water. Our rules are purely in place to help keep the place clean and safe for everyone and basically come down to respect of others, the environment, and taking all of your mess with you.

  • STRICTLY NO GLASS! No one likes a flat tyre or a shard in their foot.
  • No fires permitted except in designated fire pits.
  • Fuel containers and jerry cans must be kept away from fires and heat sources, away from creeks and water ways, and stored under cover.
  • Due to the secluded location, Swan Gully Park doesn't have access to waste services. Please keep your rubbish contained and take it with you when you leave.
  • You are liable for any injury or damage caused by your pets. Please only bring pets that are people and child friendly, quiet, and socialable with other animals. Make sure they are vaccinated.
  • We do not have access to town water, or electricity. Please keep this in mind when staying and bring your own supplies.
  • We do not permit digging of your own toilets. All human waste must be taken with you when you leave.
  • There is a noise curfew from 9pm until 7:30am. Stay up as long as you like, but just keep it down for the neighbors.
  • QLD road rules apply and there is a strict speed limit of 30km/h for the whole park and 5km/h in the shared camping zones.
  • No driving after 6PM except for events or if previously arranged.